5 Reasons to Hire A Great Makeup Artist

Planning your wedding is exciting, stressful, sometimes confusing and all around amazing. This is the day that so many of us look forward to our entire lives and a lot to be done; there is the dress, the venue, the cake, the photographer and the food. It can be overwhelming trying to decide where to spend and where to save.

It is no secret that weddings are expensive! In my experience, the things worth spending on are the dress, the venue, the photographer and your makeup artist and hairstylist. Yes, you heard me, you need to spend on your makeup artist and hair stylist! You are investing in the one visual thing you take away to remember this very special day by, your wedding photos!

I hear so many brides say that they have already spent a small fortune on flowers, the cake, the food and decorations, and that they have nothing left for a makeup artist. I am here to tell you why it is so important to allocate money in your budget for this often looked over element of your wedding planning.

A good professional hair and makeup artist will make sure that your look is tailored just for you. A professional will work with you on every detail of your hair and makeup application, everything from the correct shade and formula of foundation, to the perfect color of lipstick, to a hairstyle that will keep its shape no matter what the day brings. When you pay a professional artist, you are paying for their expertise, training, education, experience, kit and ability to guarantee your look.


You get to look at your wedding photos for the rest of your life. A professional will ensure that you look flawless and timeless.


Just like your photos are an investment, so is your makeup and hair. Professionals are priced according to our expertise and experience. When you hire a professional, you are hiring their talent, time invested in their education, their pro products, know how and ability to handle whatever skin or hair issues may arise. You really do get what you pay for.


A pro artist will understand how to do your makeup and hair for the best results to last a long time. Now, I always say, it is makeup, not magic! But, your makeup and hair should last for several hours without the need of a major touch up (as long as you follow the tips the artist gave you to ensure your look.) If you are going to have an extended wedding celebration or are concerned about needing touch ups, most artists will stay on site for the entire day. This is something that needs to be negotiated and discussed before hand, but it is a great idea if you have an outdoor wedding, live in a hot or humid environment, or just want to ensure that you look perfectly perfected in every single moment and photo.


A pro artist will make sure that you are more then ready when it is time to put on your dress and be ready for your first looks. Pro artists know how to be fast, efficient, how to manage large parties and how to handle last minute issues like — A bridesmaid that drank a little too much champagne the night before and is a little puffy or when someone shows up with wet or dirty hair.


This might be the only time you hire a professional makeup artist and it is expensive, but you are worth it! This is your day to be pampered, look absolutely fabulous and have a day with no worries and all the luxuries. Spend a teeny bit less on those flowers, but don’t forget that everyone will be looking at you and you deserve to look your best on your big day!